Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Force Awakens...sigh (but not the movie)

Being a huge Star Wars fan, I was excited for the new episode seven, The Force Awakens.  I'm also a fan of JJ Abrams and liked what he did for the Star Trek reboots.  I very purposefully spent the preceding year avoiding any news articles and spoiler talk other than the officially published teasers and trailers.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go opening day Friday due to my kids' schedules but got seats for the first Monday afterwards.  Anyway, I'm at my son's basketball tourney on the weekend lounging between games - two kids are sitting next to me and before I know it, one of them blurts out the major spoiler of the movie (which anyone who's seen it would know!).  Sigh, so much for no spoilers.  I felt like the dad in the World Cup "spoiler" commercial last year.

Ah well, still a great movie IMO.  Yeah, I get they "rebooted" it but I thought it was cast well with a lot of nice refs to the original.

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