Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ender's Game and GSPRushFit

I saw the new Ender's Game movie last night with a friend.  I really enjoyed it and thought it was worth seeing at the theater - the effects and battle scenes were really neat on the big screen, as was the Battle School.  The book is a sci-fi classic and easy to ready - highly recommend it.  Overall, the movie had the key elements of the book and omitted the ones they could.  It still felt "rushed" at just under 2h, hopefully there's a longer director's cut.  Anyway, thumbs up from me :)

New impulse buy is GSP Rushfit.  I've been looking for something after doing one month of Insanity (which is brutal btw) earlier this year.  I've only done a few of the workouts but like them so far - much more core training and doesn't completely wipe you out.  It doesn't have the near the cardio benefits so it's a different program.  May post more on Rushfit vs Insanity later.