Monday, November 24, 2014


So I've had to do a lot of travel in Q4.  One place I recently visited for work was Tokyo.  While I've been to Asia previously, I had never spent time in Japan.  I really enjoyed it.  A few observations:

  • People are super polite and friendly to visitors (I made sure to dress in obvious American fashion :) - they also just seemed very "good", with no ill-intents.  It's the only major city I've visited as a tourist where I never felt people were trying to take advantage of us to earn a $.
  • Love the goldilocks food portions - not too much, not too little, just right.
  • Overall food was very good and reasonably priced.  Of course, you could go to insanely expensive places like any big city.
  • Public transportation is phenomenal.  The train system is ridiculously large (Shinjuku Station has like 4MM+ people go through a day!) yet efficient.  Trains were always on time with very modern status systems (also in English).
  • But yes, the trains do get really packed.  I never saw the guys who were supposed to "push and pack" people in the trains, maybe those are different lines than what we used.
  • City is uber-metro.  Every area we visited in Tokyo had it's own Times Square-like area with skyscrapers and giant electronic and neon signs.
  • Yes, they love their karaoke.  We visited a place that seemed to be a high-rise "mall" (one company) dedicated to karaoke rooms.  
A few pics below.  I have a lot more but may dump them in Flickr later.

Heidi and I met friends for lunch at a local restaurant in Kanagawa.  This was probably our best meal in Japan.  I had this sushi-boat type meal, which was fantastic, arguably the best sushi I've ever had:

Here's the famous Shibuya Crossing area - just a mass of people all crossing the street simultaneously, pretty neat:

And I have to just call out this place I stumbled upon in Harajuku (I think?) called Untouchable Toffee - the toffee was awesome, best I've had.  In fact, I sent Heidi back there during the week to pick me up more toffee!

Overall, a great city and I hope to be back.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Short Fuse Strikes Back

I've mentioned ice hockey as the "last" sport I play regularly.  One team that I used to play on until they shutdown the San Mateo rink was called Short Fuse...the history of the team long pre-dates myself and alas, there is no league team (afaik).  That said, a subset of us still play the SF Fog City Memorial Day tourney (C/D division) at Yerba Buena.  We lost in the finals in 2013 but ended up winning it this year.  Congrats to my fellow teammates!