Well, I'm one of many Chris Chongs out there, as Heidi likes to tell me.  Here's a very brief bio:
  • Grew up in Michigan and went to college in Ann Arbor and studied Computer Engineering.
  • Have lived in Michigan, Illinois, Colorado and California and enjoyed all those states.
  • Hardcore U of M sports fan, especially football/hoops (Go Blue!).  Also fan of the Wings, Tigers, and Lions.  I'll root for my local teams as well.  In general, I enjoy sports but probably spend more time watching my kids play now.
  • Married with two kids (12 year old boy and 10 year old girl as of 2019).
  • Work for in the Search team.

In general, outside of work I spend my free time with my family, taking them to classes/leagues, hiking, or just playing at the park.  I used to play a lot of golf and tennis, but these days I'm pretty much down to ice hockey.  Still love reading (biz, tech, sports, scifi) and Kindle makes it an anytime activity.

You can reach me at "cpchong at gmail dot com".  Other places on the net you may find me:
  • - my family homepage with links to various family pics via Flickr.  I rarely have time to update it either.
  • LinkedIn - see my online professional profile there.
  • Facebook - on sporadically.  I'm apparently "Chris Chong #52056" (sector 97, zone M).
  • Twitter - userid cpchong, though rarely tweet.  This is a medium for celebrities these days.
Thanks for dropping by.

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