Sunday, October 6, 2019


As I described, a very sporadically updated blog :) What's new? Family is doing well, just got back from a trip to Tokyo, which was productive (for work) and fun. Michigan, despite the a woeful offensive effort, had a big win vs Iowa which I was actually able to radio livestream on my trans-Pacific flight (technology!).

I've been listening to more podcasts and one of my favorites is the Knowledge Project, some really neat interview content. Some interviews are quite long (1.5h plus) though. Techwise, been focused on Machine Learning and Site Reliability Engineering content and books. Bookwise, some stuff I've read recently:

  • Principles (Ray Dalio) - in progress, but very good. Have gleaned lots of great ideas from here whereas most biz/productivity books you may get one or two.
  • Overtime (John Bacon) - for Michigan football fans, another dive into the JH regime. I enjoyed it!
  • Elon Musk (Vance) - entertaining read, I like "bios".
  • Imajica (Barker) - recommended by a friend, classic sci-fi, pretty good.
  • Player of Games and Consider Phlebas ( Ian Banks) - another friend reco, very entertaining as well. I think Amazon is making a series or movie of these, very curious how they'll produce.
Streaming wise, Netflix and Amazon have gotten so good at producing great content. Stuff we've watched and enjoyed the past couple of years include:
  • Stranger Things
  • OA (yes, season one ended frustratingly "bad", but season two was amazing)
  • GLOW - surprisingly very good!
  • Travelers - super disappointed they cancelled, great series!
  • Man in the High Castle - either you really like it or find it too boring
  • Dark Matter - was a guilty pleasure, kind of a mix/ripoff of STNG and Firefly, but liked it and disappointed to see it cancelled
  • Colony - never watched it live but saw it on Netflix, also disappointed it just was cancelled!
  • Lost in Space - cool remake
  • Altered Carbon - may read book series
  • Ascension - mini-series, bummed it was never made into a full series
  • The Expanse - very glad Amazon picked this up
  • Jack Ryan - first season was surprisingly very good, excited for season 2
  • The Americans - awesome show, highly recommended, maybe my favorite of the past several years
  • GoT - everyone watches, last couple of seasons felt rushed and half-done, but still good
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - hit or miss, but some really great/funny episodes
Probably others I'm forgetting but just too many shows. Anyway, until another year or two :)