Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Football Season! (and other stuff)

So while I like sports in general, I am a ridiculously die-hard Michigan football fan.  I read the blogs [1] regularly so know who we're recruiting and all the other team news.  Heidi thinks I'm crazy but that's part of being a fan is short for fanatical.  As you can imagine, I'm pretty fired up the season is underway.  Big Blue stands 3-0 with a great win over ND (the Fig Thing Irish - you'll laugh if you get this) and almost had the most devastating loss since The Horror.  My prediction has been 9-3 and I'll stick with that.  Anyway, I'm always happy to discuss M Football.  The Bay Area has a lot of alum and I always give a friendly "Go Blue" shout-out.

There's also the Lions - I follow them and "they're my team", but just don't have the time to watch those games.  Also, it's way too painful to be overly fanatical about the Lions; they break your heart every year. They find new and amazing ways to lose games.  Hey, at least we aren't the Raiders.

And a final note on the SC Diet.  I'm not doing it but have kept my weight even after going back to a regular diet with plenty of carbs.  I keep the calories and portions under control.  Now, when I have a giant meal, my stomach hurts and I feel all sorts of strong incentive to keep portions under check and a more veggie dense diet.

[1] is by far the best free site, but has decent content sometimes.

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